Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here are a few more images from my session with sweet Aidan!  What a special treat he is!


Ok!  Here's a tip!  Guys and Gals, please spoil each other on special ocations!  This husband (pictured below) hired me to come photograph he and his wife dancing in the park for thier four year anniversary!  It was a total surprise to her!  How sweet!  Husband of the Year!  Right Ladies!?


Hey Guys & Gals, one of my clients had a great question for me and I thought I would share.  I bet it might be helpful for all of your shutterbugs!  Read Below:

Dear Kathleen, 
I didn't know who else to ask .....often when i take pictures outside with our DSL cannon -- i get this spot on my photos, never notice it inside.  I have tried cleaning both lens incase it was something on it.  No visible scratches or anything on the lens.   I sent a picture as an example.   It is starting to annoy me so I thought i would check with you in case you would know.
Thanks, Krista

Hey Krista!  That is called a lens flare and if used correctly, it could add a really artistic quality to your photos.  It happens when the sun is reflecting off of your lens.  See the hexagon-ish shape, that is actually the shape of your lens.  The way to avoid it is to take the photo with the sun to your back and on your subjects face, or let the sun hit your subject from the side. Mid-Day when the sun is highest and hottest it's hard to get good shots because if the sun is on your subjects face, they will be squinting.  Whenever the sun is directly coming into your lens, it will give you a lens flare and make your subjects face shadowed, like in the photo you sent me.  I know with kids, you want to snap your shots whenever the moment happens.  You will have better luck with your lighting later in the PM (before sunset). You can also purchase something called a lens hood.  This will cut down on the flare most of the time!  
The way you can do lens flare artistically is to slightly angle your camera so the sun is hitting it in the corner of the lens rather than directly in the center.  I have attached a sample photo.
Hope this helps!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sneak peak - BABY

I had a great photoshoot with this precious little man and his family last weekend!  I haven't even had a chance to look through all of the images we captured, but I wanted to post a few of my immediate favorites!  More to come!