Monday, August 23, 2010


For all of you parents out there, I want you to know that my toughest job is photographing my own children!  It is very hard for me to be mommy & photographer all in one.  My first priority is mommy, and so when a nose starts to run, I have to put my camera down to wipe it, when a tear starts to fall, I have to put my camera down to catch it, and when a little one needs tickling to bring on the smiles, I have to put my camera down and get my fingers movin....and then when the smile flashes....woops...where is my camera?  On the ground!  So, be easy on yourselves....It is difficult, even for us professionals, to photograph our own children!  Can I get an AMEN fellow photogs!
Below are a few shots of my 6 month old. Trust me, we worked hard for these!

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