Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hello??? ANYBODY HOME?  Yes! I have been loving being busy with the christmas season, but I have not had a moment to post!  AND I HATE IT!  Because so many wonderful moments have been captured that I so badly want to share with you!  But you will have to wait!  Why you ask?  Because the face of Victoria K. Photography is about to change!  New Name, New Products...New Year!
Coming soon...
Gone are the days of people having to ask..."who is Victoria?" (It's my first name BTY).  Also, new packages designed to help you do, what you really want to do with your portraits...SHOW THEM OFF! AND... you will not believe how amazing your prints are looking hot off the press!  Do you really want to dial up the wow factor of your images on your walls?  I am here to help you do just that!
Can you tell that I am excited?!
Ok....because I can't stand the suspense....here is a little sneak peak!

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Laura Leslie Photography said...

Love the last frame :) haha!