Tuesday, September 27, 2011


If I were to pick the #1 question my clients ask it would be "so what do we wear"?  Since I am not standing looking into your closet, I have put together a simple guide to help your family look co-hesive without ending up looking like this:

Thanks to  Awkward Family Photos for showing us what we should definitely NOT do!


 Please do not match, Instead pick a unifying element to tie all your families outfits together!  Like plaid for example:


Now Seriously, In the outfits below the unifying theme is pink and brown.  No outfit exactly matches another, but they all flow together seamlessly!  Using different textures and layering your clothing adds interest to the overall look!  Don't forget accessories!  

TIP:  The day before the photo shoot make sure you have complete outfits laid out for every member of your family.  This way, Daddy can help get everyone dressed, while Mommy has a moment to make sure that her make up is applied and she is ready to go!

All white's and creams in photographs is only a no-no when the outfits match!  However, it can make a stunning, unifying element to a session when you add lots of layers and textures!

Here is one example of how to select great outfits for your family portraits!  Thanks to my wonderful clients, the Rybos Family, for showing us all how it's done!


For newborn sessions the rules are different!  All clothing for the parents should be in neutral, solid colors (white, black & creams) keeping the sweet baby the focus of the image.  Mommies, make your tops be either tube tops or strappy tank tops, so we can get some beautiful skin to skin images of you and the baby.  

Daddies, if you dare to bare...nothing is more beautiful than the strength of daddies shoulders and chest next to a fragile baby.  But do not fret, if you are not comfortable with this, a solid black t-shirt works great for dads!

Newborns, I am afraid I am going to ask you to wear hand-me-down GENES for your first photo-shoot ever!  Newborns are best photographed in this:

I hope this blog post simplified task of dressing your family for a Kathleen Bowie Photography photo shoot!  I can't wait to see YOUR personal style shine through!

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Trisha Lynn said...

I love the image of the mother in the bath with the two infants. Simply gorgeous!