Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturation {teaching photographer in suwanee georgia}

I spoke with new photographer today about saturation today and she had some questions.  I thought I would share with you all what we discussed.  In my experience, if one person has a question about a topic at least 10 other people have those same questions!  So here goes...
Saturation - Color saturation is used to describe the intensity of color in the image.
De-Saturate: To take out the intensity of color in the image.
Sometimes photographers will intentioally overly saturate to pop the color in an image.  Sometimes photographer will intentionally de-saturate an image to create mood. A lot of images taken in the 70's were de-saturated! :)
One thing I would personally stay away from is de-saturting skin tones.  It makes people look dull and lifeless.  If you want the desaturated look on your image you can use a hue/saturated adjustment layer in photoshop and then mask back in your skin tones to taste.
Below I have shown an image saturated 4 different ways. I did this by adding a hue/saturation adjustment layer to each image and pulling the saturation out with the slider to the left.
 As you can see, when you completely de-saturate an image, you end up with no color.  These images are referred to as a greyscale or a black & white images.  I do not recommend achieving black and white images by pulling out all of the saturation. Remember light has a color.  Photography is the art of painting with light so, If you rid an image of all color....you are making the light in your image colorless and flat as well.  As you can see a completely de-saturated image results in a flat B&W's because the image has been rid of all color.
I prefer to use the channel mixer or a gradient map for B&W's.  They keep the "color" of light in tact and therefore give your black and whites more dimension.

Happy Saturating!

Original image saturated to taste for the baby to look natural.

De-saturated about 50%

Completely De-saturated

Channel mixer b&w

Sunday, January 29, 2012

drew, the miracle of number 2 {braselton georgia maternity photography}

Meet one of my very best friends, Britain, and her little one, Drew!  Drew is due this coming wednesday and I just can't wait to meet her!  She is one lucky girl, because she already has a big brother, Grady to look out for her!  There is ONE downfall to being the best friend to a photographer.....it takes you FOREVER to get your images back!  Thanks for your patience B!
"The first baby got me shiny, like a new pair of shoes, but he got the blisters too.  The second got me like a old pair of jeans....worn yes, but comfortable."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

little noah {grayson newborn photographer}

Remember this sweet family!  I was honored to capture little Noah's time in the womb here! It's funny to me how the larger the family, the more well behaved the children seem to be!  The sweet Deming family welcomed me and all of my props into their home and we had a wonderful time!  The kids were sooooo polite, sweet and fun!  It must be true that larger families produce more well rounded adults....look at me, I come from a family of 7 girls...and well... :)
i joke, i joke!


The session with the Nicholson family was such a whirlwind!  Good thing I like being caught up in the moment! :)  I sit for hours and hours honing my technical skills so I can continue to grow in my craft, but my absolute favorite images always happen with a break a few "rules" and shoot in the moment! The Nicholson family gave me a chance to do just that!  After this session, my love for family photography was renewed! Thank you Nicholson Family!