Wednesday, April 4, 2012

should I outsource my editing? who should I use?

I am one lucky gal to be one of the hosts of a fun, informative photography podcast called the Jpeg 2 Raw show.  Each week we interview super cool photographers and I am learning so much and having a blast.  You should DEFINITELY check it out!
A few weeks back we had  Ryan and Denise Photography on the show.  They are uber talented wedding photographers that strike gold each time they press the shutter!  Seriously Folks, these two have a special gift for encapsulating the emotion of the wedding day and showcasing the unique bond between each and every couple they shoot.  The whole show was  sweet with love!  You should go back and watch it HERE.
During the show, I had commented on how beautifully clean their editing is!  I love it.  Their work has a fresh and lively flow to it!  I was SHOCKED when they told me a dirty little secret!  They OUTSOURCE a portion of their editing to an editing company.  WHAT? Who would do such a thing?  Well, it turns out that a lot of smart photographers do!
Let's face it.  We can all make more money behind our cameras then we do behind the computer it makes sense to outsource the edits so we can shoot more and make more mulah! :)
Each photographer has to find their own comfort level and I, myself, was very nervous about the thought of giving up that control....UNTIL I SENT IN SOME SAMPLES!
I selected two companies to do a color balance and exposure correction only.  Shoot Dot Edit, because that is who Ryan & Denise use and trust and Photographer Edit because they had the lowest minimum purchase requirement.  So if I am in a bind...I can send them 30-50 images and still only pay $18...Not bad at all!

In hindsight, I wish I had sent the same image to each company to edit so I would have a better comparison for editing style.  Oh well...some day I will be super smart and ahead of the game verse playing the shouldah, couldah game.....maybe!

The days that my images were out being edited by someone else I spent my time:

tickling and laughing with my boys
watching movies with the hubs
cleaning out my minivan
catching up on Grey's anatomy
IT WAS FABULOUS!  Sure, I could have been using that time to create a killer marketing plan...but let's face it....when a gal gets let out of editing jail for the first time in 9 years...she's gonna celebrate!!

So I have been on the hunt for the right company for me.  I have done quite a bit of research, and thought I would share my results:

                                       cull            color/ exposure correct          minimum purchase required
Lavalu                            .07cents                .26 cents                                    $25
Shoot Dot Edit               .08                        .39                                             $30
Evolve Edits                   .05                         .30                                             $30
Colorati                          .09                        .32                                              $35
Pwd Labs                      .08                         .28                                              $25
Photographers Edit                                     .36                                               $18
Photographers edit also has the best price for a cull & edit combo.  $199 for 600 images (.33 cents per image) or $270 for 2000 images (.14 cents per image).

Now, there is one caviat for the portrait photographer.  Each company I have checked out has some sort of minimum purchase requirement.  I can't let my sessions back up, waiting until I have enough images to send off for editing to meet the minimum requirement. Price wise, Photographer's Edit had the best solution for the Portrait photographer in my opinion.  Kinda wish some of the other companies would get on board with serving the Portrait photographer....hint hint!

Each photographer is going to have to find their own comfort level.  The prices above reflect culling your images and doing a basic color balance and exposure balance to the chosen images.  Each company also offered a further artistic approach to editing....adding more pizazz to your images for you in photoshop after they are color and exposure balanced. It is an additional fee.  For me, I like to add my own's fun for me and makes me still feel like I got the final artistic touch to my work.  But to each his own!
Hope this was helpful for you!  Cheers to making life simpiler!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

photographic collaboration - louisville, KY and suwanee, Ga newborn photography

I was ever so blessed to be asked to fly to Kentucky to photograph one of my very best friends newborn images of her sweet little Amelia Love!  Tammy Young and I became best of friends during our college years at Liberty University.  She and I are two peas in a pod, alike in so many ways!  We have a blast together!  We both ended up in the world of photography after should DEFINITELY go check out her wonderful work HERE.
I spent 4 days in Louisville photographing sweet Amelia and her family.  During every shoot, I could tell that it was just killing Tammy not be able to click that shutter.  I finally could not keep her away any longer!  Below is an image of Tammy indulging in a few clicks of the shutter.  Tammy and I make a pretty great team!  Wish we could work in tandem like this all the time!