Sunday, April 1, 2012

photographic collaboration - louisville, KY and suwanee, Ga newborn photography

I was ever so blessed to be asked to fly to Kentucky to photograph one of my very best friends newborn images of her sweet little Amelia Love!  Tammy Young and I became best of friends during our college years at Liberty University.  She and I are two peas in a pod, alike in so many ways!  We have a blast together!  We both ended up in the world of photography after should DEFINITELY go check out her wonderful work HERE.
I spent 4 days in Louisville photographing sweet Amelia and her family.  During every shoot, I could tell that it was just killing Tammy not be able to click that shutter.  I finally could not keep her away any longer!  Below is an image of Tammy indulging in a few clicks of the shutter.  Tammy and I make a pretty great team!  Wish we could work in tandem like this all the time!

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